Bio Oil 125ml for Stretch Mark, Scar & Uneven Skin tone:

Between 50 and 90 percent of women who are pregnant experience stretchmarks during or after birth. In addition, Putting on a lot of weight in a short space of time can cause stretch marks.

This is actually disappointing and annoying as they are seen as a cosmetic complaint.

Bio Oil is a specialist skincare treatment that is recommended for scars, stretch marks, uneven skin tone, ageing and dehydrated skin. It is formulated for use on both the face and body. Bio Oil contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil, Vitamins A and E, Chamomile extract and a combination of natural oils.


One of the moms said:”  I been using Bio Oil during my first pregnancy and I use it this time too. I’m mixing it together with my stretch mark cream and apply it 3 times a day. Sometimes, I use it on my face as a last step of my night time skincare routine. It’s an oil so it will take a little more time to absorb into the skin but works well.”

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Recommended Age: For Mumz


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